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Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Are you in search of a long-term care pharmacy that provides genuine care and support? Our committed team provides individualized attention, medication management services, and hassle-free delivery options to ensure that you receive the exceptional care that you deserve.

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Same-day Delivery

Quick and reliable same-day delivery

Quick and reliable same-day medication delivery is an essential service for facilities such as group homes, nursing homes, and assisted living centers, etc. Our delivery team is dedicated to ensuring that all deliveries are made promptly and efficiently, so you can have peace of mind that your patients are receiving the best care possible.

Quick and reliable same-day medication delivery is an essential service for long-term care facilities. Our delivery team is dedicated to ensuring that all deliveries are made promptly and efficiently. Even in an emergency, CPRX ensures that the medication is delivered on time and as quickly as possible to suit patients’ needs.
No matter your need, you can rely on us to deliver complete pharmacy services so you can devote your time to providing excellent quality care.

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Professional Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Chesapeake Regional Pharmacy Services places a strong emphasis on the importance of patients and residents getting the correct medication at the proper time. We have made substantial investments in innovative packaging, advanced technology, and highly skilled professionals to minimize medication-related errors and promote accountability.

  • Patient-first Mindset
  • Improving the Quality of Life
  • Supporting Caregivers

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Located in Wilmington, DE

Long Term Care Pharmacy

How We Are Different


We provide tailored services for each facility including multiple packaging solutions and customized MARs.

Local & Personal

As an independently owned and operated business, we’re proud to offer a prime location in Wilmington, DE for our customers.

Technology Solutions

Integration with many EMR systems. Call, Text, Fax or E-Mail support. MTM-certified pharmacists. 

Financial Assistance

Our expert team will review all available financial resources to cover the cost of medicine & prior authorization process.

Clinical Support

Patient education and training are offered, along with clinical counseling. Custom protocols and tools to improve adherence.

Quick Delivery

We strive to ensure that the delivery of medications to facilities and patients is always prompt and on time.

Tailored Services For Each Facility

With specialized knowledge and dedication, our long-term care pharmacy team provides high quality, cost-effective and customized services for facilities and the residents they serve. We tailor the packaging of drugs, delivery schedules, reporting requirements, and information technology needs to best suit your facility.

Medication synchronization, single-dose blister cards, or multi-dose packaging are offered to meet the needs of the facility and patients.

Web-based connectivity and monthly cycle fills relieves the nursing staff from time-consuming administrative responsibilities.

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